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At Winbidspro, our sole mission is to help small businesses grow revenues from sales to the Federal and State governments. The Winbidspro system provides a unique combination of data used by people and Agencies in the parts and logistics worlds as well as companies providing services to the Government and this includes State and local agencies. We understand the important role that small businesses play in the overall economy and want to lend our expertise to assist with the GSA application process and related marketing processes.


We offer a complete set of services, including:


GSA Award application- We complete the 300-500 page GSA Award Application for our clients and support them through the GSA approval process.


Marketing Support- Using our www.winbidspro.org on line tool, clients can:

  • Find government opportunities that are available today and in the future.
  • Find detail on contracting officers and government locations.
  • Find opportunities from State governments. 
  • Use the detail to plan your marketing and sales strategy and tactics.
  • Know how to approach the government, what to say and what government buyers want to hear from you about your business.
  • Learn about government purchasing programs, understand "set asides" and how these programs can benefit your business.

To know more or to schedule a no cost, no obligation review with a GSA Application Services Marketing Specialist

WINBIDS is the only SINGLE SOURCE from the three U.S. Market arenas: Military Small Purchase, Federal Contracts, State and Local Data.
Site Disclaimer: system provides data derived from Government Sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the data provided from these public sources.